Big Top Vintage Market November 7 & 8, 2020 Vendor Set Up Information

Booth Assignments: please see below for your booth assignment, I do try my very best to put you in the original booth you registered for.  In some cases I need to change up the floor plan or I may move you to put your products in a place I feel they will sell better.  My number one priority is to get you sales, your success is my success!

Please check your booth, if you feel that something is not correct please reply to this email and I will verify and email you back.  Please confirm your booth size and assignment is correct - if you ordered a 10x20 you should have 2 booth number (example 63 & 64).

Also, if you purchased electricity you should have a Y in that column. There are NO booths with electricity included. If you need to add electricity please do so today online at

Food permits: it is the vendor's responsibility to have all appropriate licenses and permits to conduct business.  If you are selling or sampling any food product please contact HCDPH to verify if you need a permit or not. Permits can be obtained online, click here.

Set Up Schedule:

Thursday, November 5 5pm – 9pm : Boutique Trailers & Food Trailer Move In – it is required that all boutique trailers and food trailers be placed and unhitched Thursday night – this is so you can fit into your booth space before standard tent vendors move in.

Friday, November 6 9am - 10am : alternative boutique trailers and food trailer move in – if you are not able to come Thursday evening please contact Dave at 806-459-0971 to confirm you can unhitch Friday morning. Note – if you do not come in Thursday or Friday AM there is a chance you will not be able to access your assigned booth space and you may be reassigned to a different area of the market.

Friday, November 6 10am - 8pm
 : all vendors move in
*****please note that there is limited lighting at night, we suggest you be at least on site and have found your space by 6pm.

You will enter the field from the East Entrance located at 26303 Preston Ave, Spring, TX 77373 - once inside you will be escorted to your space.  Friday - you can drive directly up to your booth to unload.  To ensure that everyone can access their booth directly only one vehicle/trailer will be allowed to park at the booth space at a time. If you have multiple vehicles/trailers dropping off items you will need to rotate your vehicles – park all vehicles in the parking lot, bring one to your booth, unload, then rotate in another vehicle. This is to avoid a traffic jam please unload then park your vehicle to set up your booth.

Saturday, November 7 6am - 8:30am : you will be required to park in the vendor parking area and carry/dolly/wagon your items/display to your booth.  We cannot allow vendors to drive directly to their booth on Saturday.  No vehicles will be allowed in the market grounds.

Sunday, November 8 7am - 8:30am: vendor refresh, bring in new inventory, you must carry/dolly/wagon your items from the vendor parking lot. There is no drive up unloading on Sunday morning. No vehicles will be allowed in the market grounds.

Market Hours:
Saturday, November 7- 9am - 5pm
Sunday, November 8 - 9am - 5pm

Vendors are required to stay for the full event, both days, from open 9am to close 5pm.  Vendors that break down early may be blocked from registering from future markets.  If you sell out of inventory you may close your booth, YOU MUST LEAVE your tent and display until Sunday at 5pm.

Break Down Schedule:
Sunday, November 8 - 5pm - 8pm or until we are finished.

All items including tents, inventory and display items must be removed from the market grounds before you leave the market Sunday evening.  

No vehicles will be allowed on the market grounds to drive up to booths until all customers have left the grounds and David has approved vehicles to be permitted to drive in – this is to avoid major traffic jams and for the safety of all vendors and customers YES we still have customers including children on site after 5pm.

Please pack down your booth and clean all trash from your booth. When you are ready to load up find David and he will inspect your booth and give you a Break Down Pass. This pass will allow you to bring one vehicle/trailer at a time to your booth to load up and leave. This worked very well last time and we broke down faster than ever.

Trash: there is an onsite dumpster for you to use, please be sure to pick up all of your trash including rubber bands, zip ties, food, paper and packing materials - if it has to be picked up by another person you should pick it up and throw it away in the onsite dumpster.  Failure to clean your booth space will result in a $100 clean-up fee. All boxes should be broken down flat, all bagged trash should be taken to the dumpster and not placed next to onsite trashcans.

Boutique Trailers and Food Trailers: All trailers should be electricity efficient on your own, you may bring your own generator.  We highly recommend that you come in Thursday night or early on Friday to drop your trailer to ensure you can get to your assigned spot (it can get difficult after other vendors move in and set up).  All trailers must be unhitched from trucks during market hours.

Food Trucks & Trailers - you should be electricity independent, generators are not available from Big Top for food trucks or trailers, you may bring your own generator.

Food Booths - we do offer electricity to food booths (tents), it is an additional $60 per 20 amp circuit, if you need to add electricity to your order please do so as soon as possible, click here. Breakers cannot be reset during market hours – know what you are plugging in – if you need more than 20 amps please purchase additional circuits as needed.

All Food Vendors: All food vendors - please ensure that you have your food permit from Harris County click here to obtain your permit online. The health inspector will be on site Saturday morning, walking the festival grounds to check permits.  

Tax Permit From Texas Comptroller: Big Top does not request a copy of your permit but you do need to be in compliance with all Texas laws. The Comptroller’s Office did contact us and may come for permit inspections. Be sure to obtain your permit prior to the market.

Vendor Parking:
Vendors will be able to park one vehicle inside the festival grounds for free, rules:

1. All vendors must be inside the festival grounds no later than 8:30am, vehicles arriving after 8:30am will need to pay the $5 per day parking fee to the Knights of Columbus upon arrival.

2. Vendor vehicles may not be moved during market hours - 8:30a-5:00p - if you think that you will need to leave the market during the day do not park in vendor parking. The vendor parking lot gate will be locked at 8:30am and will be unlocked at 5pm.

3. If vendors do leave during the day you will be required to pay the $5 parking fee to the Knights of Columbus for re-entry.

4. All additional vehicles will need to pay the $5 per day parking fee to the Knights of Columbus upon arrival

5. When you check in on Friday you will be given 1 vendor parking pass to place in your windshield you must have this printed and visible in your windshield to be granted access to the market grounds Saturday and Sunday.   

Failure to park correctly and failure to park in the correct area of the festival grounds will result in your vehicle being towed at owners expense. 

Trailer Parking:
If you would like to leave your trailer for the entire weekend starting Friday after you have unloaded and re-hitch Sunday after breakdown you may park your trailers in the designated trailer parking area.  You must fill out the Set Up Survey in order to reserve a trailer space – if you do not fill out this survey there is a good possibility there will not be a space for your trailer.

Due to being on site setting up the market, working with vendors and customers during the event – access to phone and email is very limited for Melissa and David.

Most phone calls cannot be answered and most voicemails will not be returned until the following week.

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